Photo Radar Enforcement

The City of Camrose utilizes Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) commonly referred to as “Photo Radar” to assist in the enforcement of speeding at various locations located across the city. This system is reviewed on a regular basis to determine if it is meeting its goal of collision reduction and a reduction in severity of collisions.

ATE is only one component within the city’s strategic traffic safety plan. Regular enforcement by Police officers, transportation engineering, traffic safety signage as well as education and awareness programs all contribute to reduce collisions and improve road safety.


Automated Traffic Enforcement will be located at various approved locations within the city. Areas where enforcement is focused on includes:

  • areas with a history of high collisions
  • areas identified with a documented history of speeding problems
  • school and playground zones or parks areas
  • construction zones
  • areas where the public or community has expressed concerns related to speeding or other high risk driving behaviors

Locations where Automated Traffic Enforcement is conducted is reviewed and approved on multiple levels, including the Justice & Solicitor General’s office.

A list of approved locations can be found by clicking here.

Drive Safe Everyone!