Eyes on Camrose


“Eyes on Camrose” is a new community awareness program that is designed for you. It is designed for each member of our community because we all play a part in ensuring that our families reside in a safe city.

The program will highlight several different initiatives that enable each us to be involved. Eyes on Camrose encourages awareness. It encourages us to be more aware of our neighborhood; more aware of what is happening on the streets as you are driving, more aware of your surroundings when you are walking from your vehicle to the store, or as you are shopping, at community events or anywhere within our city.

Eyes on Camrose is a community awareness program that involves the community and the police working together to prevent crime. The program encompasses individual initiatives that provide a way for each member of our community to get involved. Most of the initiatives are so simple but can make the difference in what type of community we live in.

Initiative #1

Citizens on Patrol

The first initiative under the program is Citizens on Patrol. COP is a provincial program and the mission of the Alberta Citizens on Patrol Association is to build safer communities by mobilizing citizens to participate in a community based crime prevention initiative. COP is designed for members of a community who want to play a more active role in crime prevention. The Camrose Police Service is excited to have local Citizens on Patrol assisting Police in keeping their Eyes on Camrose.

If volunteering to be a member of the Camrose Citizens on Patrol team is of interest to you then please email CamroseCOPS@gmail.com.


Initiative #2

Social Media

The second initiative under Eyes on Camrose is Social Media. This is perhaps the easiest of all the initiatives because it simply involves you staying in touch with what is happening in your community. By following our Camrose Police Service Facebook and Twitter pages, you will be keeping yourself informed on a variety of Police related topics such as scams that are affecting our community, caught on camera where the Police are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying suspects, interesting investigations where Police had laid serious charges, court decisions on high profile trials as well as community events that Police are involved in. Staying informed will improve your awareness of what you can watch for in your community.

So follow us on Facebook and/or twitter to stay up to date on what is happening in Camrose. But don’t stop there, invite your friends to follow our pages. The safest communities are those where people know about, care about and look out for each other. The more people that are watching, keeping their Eyes on Camrose, will help us prevent crime and help solve crimes that have already occurred. If that’s the type of city you want to live in then “follow us” and remember to invite your friends!