Selective Traffic Enforcement


Pedestrian safety is for all ages. Unfortunately, in traffic incidents involving pedestrians and motorists, it is the pedestrian who suffers, often with tragic results. In many cases it is not the driver’s fault. It is the responsibility of both driver and pedestrian to ensure each others safety by following some simple rules. As a pedestrian:

  • Cross at marked crosswalks or traffic lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars;
  • Make sure drivers see you before you cross;
  • Cross when traffic has come to a complete stop;
  • At a traffic light, cross at the beginning of a green light. Do not cross once the “Don’t Walk” signal begins to flash or once the light has turned to yellow
  • Never cross on a red light;
  • Watch for traffic turning at intersections or entering and leaving driveways;
  • Wear bright or light-coloured clothing or reflective strips, when walking in dusk or darkness.

As a motorist:

  • Be patient, especially with older pedestrians who need more time to cross the road;
  • Always look for pedestrians, especially when turning;
  • Remember, stay alert and slow down on residential streets and through school zones.
  • All intersections are crosswalks marked or unmarked.

Obey all posted speed limits. Studies have shown that a pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling at 60km/h is 70% more likely to die from their injuries than a pedestrian struck at 50km/h.