Victim Services Unit


VSU“To aid and assist victims of crime and tragedy by providing a community
support program in partnership with the Camrose Police Service and the Camrose RCMP.”

Victim Services is many times thought of and described as “another arm of the Police,” providing the extra support victims need as they enter the legal maze. Our motto is “Support, Inform, Refer”. Support through the criminal justice system from the paper work to the court services and many in between. Information on their rights in accordance with the “Victims of Crime Act”, on their file and other services available in the area or throughout the province, Referrals to appropriate agencies for counseling, monetary services or any other services that can be provided.

Victim Services is NOT a Counseling Service.

Services are provided 24 hours a day – 7 days a week- 365 days a year by Volunteer Advocates.

Volunteer Advocates are highly skilled individuals whom must be certified by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, requiring an intense 4 month online training through the Justice Institute of B.C.  They must also pass an enhanced security reliability review.

One of the unique Partnerships that Camrose & District Victim Service Unit has:                                           

Camrose and District Victim Services, Camrose Police Service, Camrose RCMP and the Canadian Red Cross Society Disaster Management have formed a partnership to provide the best possible service to victims of crime and tragedy.

Victim Services Advocates are/will be cross trained to assist in providing Red Cross Emergency Services to victims of tragedy/trauma/natural disaster. (Currently we are the only one in Alberta)!!

Camrose & District Victim Services was created in 1997 with the Camrose RCMP; in 1999 Camrose Police Service and the Camrose RCMP amalgamated services to create one Unit that would provide services to both Police Forces. (There are only two of these units in existence in Alberta – Camrose & Taber)

With this come some very unique challenges as the volunteers must be able to provide equal services to both. This in itself is a challenge as the advocates must be trained to know the dynamics of urban and rural living and the necessities of each are extremely different.

Camrose & District Victim Services is a non-profit volunteer organization governed by a board of directors. There is one paid position held by the program coordinator.

Camrose & District Victim Services funding is provided by grants, fundraising and donations.

For more information or if you have an interest in joining us at Victim Services as an Advocate or Board member please call the office @ 780-672-4570 or e-mail via the webpage contact form.