Crime Prevention & Community Relations Unit


The primary goal of the Crime Prevention Unit is to develop and maintain healthy community partnerships to enhance public safety in our community. The unit also works at educating the citizens of Camrose so they can prevent themselves from falling victim to criminals.

The Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) and acts as a liaison to Crime Stoppers, the Camrose & Area Mental Health HUB, the Camrose Family Violence Action Society, Camrose Business Watch, and the Camrose and District Victim Service Unit. The CPO officer also sits on numerous community boards and advocate groups so that these groups have a link to the Camrose Police Service and the information and resources that they can provide.  He also develops many crime prevention initiatives and organizes many of the community events that CPS hosts or is a part of; all of which foster positive interactions with the Camrose Police Service.

The CPO officer works closely with the Camrose and District Victim Services Unit by acting as a liaison between the Victim Service Unit and the Camrose Police Service. The Victim Services Unit is a police based community service that is operated from the Camrose Police Service Office.  Their motto is “Support, Inform and Refer” and their goal is to make sure all victims of crime and tragedy have access to all available resources and services that are within our community and province.

The Business Watch Program provides updates on business related crimes and crime trends to the Camrose businesses that take part in the program. The Business Watch program allows the CPO officer to quickly disseminate information to business on the recent crimes that are occurring in Camrose and the surrounding areas. The purpose is to provide the participating businesses with knowledge of current criminal activity and scams to prevent our local businesses from becoming victims. Any local business that would like to participate in the program can contact the CPO officer.

The CPO officer has an in-depth knowledge of fraud prevention and is available to speak to businesses and community groups about how they can best protect themselves from different scams and fraud related offences such as identity theft and debit and credit card fraud. There is a growing trend in these types of crimes and it has been proven that public education is the best way to target these types of crimes.

The CPO officer is also available to provide tours of the Police Service to any approved groups. Several building tours are given each year to Camrose and area school classes along with many different child and youth aged clubs. He is also available to give presentations to any approved groups, clubs, and interested school classes about police related topics.

Crime Prevention Programs

Business Watch
Crime Stoppers
Wise Owls



Internet Safety

Phone Busters
Safe Kids

P.C. 56 Antique Police Car

DSC_0067In 1988 the Camrose Police Service embarked on a mission to locate the original 1956 Dodge which was purchased and used by the department in its first year of existence. Research revealed the original car was beyond repair. After some searching, an identical car was located resting in a field near Granum, Alberta. It was purchased from its owner and the project was underway.

Many local businesses donated funds toward the car’s restoration. Other businesses donated their services to overhaul the complete makings of the car. In May 1991 after several months of hard work and dedication, the completely restored car was unveiled at the department’s 35th Anniversary Regimental Ball.

The antique car is used throughout the summer months for parades, opening ceremonies, and other community events. The Camrose Police Service is grateful to all who helped with the project. The car has proven to be an excellent public relations tool.

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