Forensic Identification Section

DSC_0010 Det. Matthew Wilton and Cst. John Tomaszewski have both completed the extensive training that is required to be designated as Forensic Identification Specialists; this includes specific training to be qualified as fingerprint, footwear, and photographic experts. They are responsible for the detection, collection and preservation of forensic evidence at crime scenes and photography at both crime scenes and serious motor vehicle collisions. The training for these specialists is extensive and on-going which allows the Camrose Police Service to have officers who are competent in the current trends and techniques of forensic identification.

The unit also consists of eight Scenes Of Crime Officers (SOCO’s). These officers have received in-house training from one of the Forensic Identification Specialists which allows them to have the skills to conduct a forensic examination of a minor crime scene.

The Camrose Police Service Forensic Identification Section has available to it an extensive array of forensic equipment which allows them to complete thorough and in-depth examinations at crime scenes.