Officer Safety Unit

This Unit is an integral part of our police service primarily responsible for training members to enhance safety of the public and officer(s) whenever force may be required to apprehend an individual.  Sergeant Sveinbornson oversees the unit that provides the training for control tactics, officer safety and firearms.  The unit is also responsible for the maintenance; testing and issuance of any weapons the officers are trained with and may carry while on duty.  Many provincial and accreditation standards dictate requirements by police when force is used.  The unit ensures officers receive updated annual training pertaining to use of force techniques, polices and law pertaining to the use of force.  While verbal direction works for most encounters, physical force is necessary for others.  Officers are thoroughly trained for a variety of encounters they may face to ensure the safety of the public and officer are best met.   The Officer Safety Unit ensures all of our officers are trained and accountable to our community when force is required to be used.

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