On-Line Crime Reporting


These reports are not reviewed in real time.



Attempted Theft of Vehicle: An unsuccessful attempt by a culprit to steal a vehicle; the vehicle has NOT been moved from its original location.

Damage To Property: The act of vandalizing or defacing your property.

Damage to Vehicle: The act of vandalizing or defacing a vehicle.

Lost Property: When property is missing or lost.

Theft: Your property is taken without your permission.

Theft, or Attempted Theft, from Vehicle: Property is taken from a vehicle without the owner’s permission; or entry to the vehicle is obtained, but no property has been stolen.

Information Only: Use this category to report a nuisance or non-criminal incident. This report will not be actively investigated by the Camrose Police Service.



Robbery: Theft while using violence or threats of violence.

Residential or Commercial Break-Ins: Person(s) gained access to a premise and committed an offence within.

Domestic Disputes: Verbal or physical disputes between two or more people.

Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Traffic Collision

Any Fraud resulting in a loss: Funds, personal information or property.

Incidents involving specific lost or stolen items: Citizenship Cards, Permanent Resident Cards, Immigration Documents, Government Cheques or Cash from the Government.


Ready to Report Online?



Online Crime Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions for Online Crime Reporting. If you have questions while entering your report, please call the Camrose Police Service @780-672-4444.

Why report my incident online?

Online reporting is a convenient reporting option that can provide you with a copy of the police report and a police file number. The Camrose Police Service encourages citizens and visitors to report all crimes as it will allow us to better allocate our policing resources.
Please note that online reporting is not meant to replace other forms of crime reporting; if you are not comfortable reporting an incident online, you can still attend the Police station at 6220-48th Avenue or call 780-672-4444.

What happens to my online report after I have submitted it?

Your report will be reviewed by a police officer within 12 hours. You may be contacted for additional information and you will receive an email updating you with the status of your report.

What do I do if my incident does not qualify for online reporting?

Some incidents require an officer to be dispatched to the crime scene to conduct an investigation; others require interaction with an officer over the phone or at a police station. These incidents cannot be reported via online reporting.

  • If this is an Emergency, please call 9-1-1.
  • If it is a non-emergency, attend our Police station at 6220-48th Avenue or call 780-672-4444
Why can’t I report a motor vehicle collision online?

Due to the complexity of data that needs to be gathered and the need to verify collision details, most vehicle collisions require the attention of an officer, either on-scene or at a police station.

What if the incident did not occur within the City of Camrose?

Report the incident to the local police agency for that jurisdiction.

What is a known ‘suspect’?

A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or knows where to find the person who committed the crime. Examples include knowing the person’s name or the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect was in.

What if I have a suspect description?

A ‘suspect description’ is not considered a ‘known suspect’. A suspect description can be included in the incident description when entering an online report, assuming the incident fulfils the other online reporting criteria.

What is considered ‘evidence’?

Evidence includes any item(s) that the suspect brought to the scene and left behind. These items may help the police in identifying the suspect.

What happens if I find something left behind by the suspect (evidence)?

Items that are left behind by the suspect may help to identify him/her. If there is evidence, do not file a report online but call Police at 780-672-4444.

What if I require a police file number for insurance purposes?

Once it is confirmed that your online report meets the online report criteria, a Police file number will be emailed to you. Only the Police file number can be used for insurance purposes.

Why do I require an email address to file an online report?

An email is required to provide you with a report status and to send you a Police file number.

Can I contact someone for assistance in using this system?

If your question is not addressed by the Frequently Asked Questions, please call us at 780-672-4444.